USA Day 4

Day 4 of our vacation was a rainy day. We drove from Sheridan, Wyoming to just north of Fort Collins, Colorado.  It rained for a good part of the trip.  While we were in Sheridan we had debated about doing a bike trip to Cody but the forecast drove us further south.

When we reached our destination, we were both in that lazy kind of mood that you get from a gloomy day. But the sun was peeking out and Les decided we should head into Old Town of Fort Collins and check it out before supper.  We took the truck and easily found our way to our destination.


Old Town is constructed of heritage buildings and art work and restaurants and funky shops. Though we arrived later in the day and only stayed for a couple of hours it was worth the trip.





The highlight of our time spent in Old Town was a stop at “Science Toy Magic”, a tiny shop filled to the brim with scientific toys that look like magic tricks. The owner is a fast talking fellow who keeps you entertained the whole time you have your toes in the shop.  Literally, we spent most of our time in the doorway because the shop is so tiny.  But he kept us enthralled the whole time.


We will continue heading south over the next few days to reach our goal if arriving in Albuquerque, New Mexico by the October 4. I hope you are enjoying the journey!