USA Day 5

Though cool, October 2nd looked like a great day to go for a ride.  We had a couple of days before we needed to be in Albuquerque so we decided to stay put and explore the area around Fort Collins.

Our first leg of the journey took us back over the border into Wyoming and to Laramie. And it was this leg that made me question whether we should continue with the ride!  The wind was howling and it was cold.  By the time we got to Laramie I was eager to find a Starbucks and have something hot to drink!

After warming up and having some lunch, we decided to continue on … on Snowy Range Road. Ya, I know.  That should have been a clue!  Heading west from Laramie though, it didn’t look too bad.


But as we climbed in elevation, we encountered snow. First a skiff in the trees and the ditches.  But it wasn’t long until it was a winter wonderland all around us.


Beautiful but a little treacherous on the bike when it was blowing across the road!


We did eventually descend in elevation and get back into relatively warmer temperatures.


But I should have known that if you cross one pass, you have to cross another to get back home. See those mountains in this photo.


Yup, it was back to snow and cold for a bit. At least the road was clear.  As we descended this time we went through a really pretty narrow ravine.



It was dark by the time we arrived back at the trailer. But it was another one of those rides where I question our sanity to begin with but afterwards feel gratitude for the experience.