USA Days 6 and 7

October 3rd was a travelling day.  We drove from Fort Collins, Colorado to Raton, New Mexico.  We had hoped to get in early and be able to go for a long bike ride but it was mid-afternoon by the time we had pulled into the campground.  We decided to go for a short ride anyway.  I continually misjudge the amount of time it takes to do a ride.  I look at a map in the Harley Davidson book and check out their recommended rides and think – oh it’s a hundred miles.  It will be easy to do in 3 hours!  But those rides are recommended for a reason and they are often twisting and slow.

We drove toward Taos, through Cimarron. It was wide open for the first part of the ride and then we drove into the mountains.  It was stunning!  And slow as the road wound through the forest.


We came out into Eagle Nest, a beautiful valley in the mountains.


We had to turn around there and head back to Raton. The sun was setting on the last leg of the journey which always makes for a lovely view.

The next day we headed for Albuquerque. Our intention was to head straight through but we stopped at a rest stop for some photos and saw a sign for Fort Union National Monument.


We decided to check it out and it was a happy decision.


It was a fascinating place if you love history. It was a pretty major place in its day and even just the remains of the fort show what a bustling place it would have been.



It was on the Santa Fe Trail so many people passed through that area. I purchased a book based on the memories of a woman who crossed this trail several times.  I think it will be interesting reading.



After we reached Albuquerque we ran some errands and got our bearings.  We turned in early on this night as our wakeup call was 4 a.m. to go to the Balloon Fiesta. I can’t wait to share some of that day!