USA Day 9

We took our time getting ready to head out on the bike the day after the Balloon Fiesta. We decided to head north and do a loop that swung close to Santa Fe.  Again, on the map it looked so short but once you are driving there are lots of sites to check out and photographic opportunities you just can miss out on!


This yellow flower is everywhere in New Mexico. I don’t know what it is but it is prolific!


One of our major stops on this day was at Soda Dam.


You could walk on either side of this built up rock and you could even squeeze inside into a little pool in the rock.



Of course you can’t walk past an old gnarled tree without snapping a few shots.


Someone pointed out these little guys along the path. They were made out of nails.  Cool eh?


Battleship Monument was next on the route.


The area was truly beautiful with the red rock, pine trees, and high mountain plains.


New Mexico totally blew away all of my preconceived notions. I expected desert everywhere but in so many places there are mountains and forests.  The next day we will head further south and see what we will find there.

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