USA Day 10

As we were leaving Albuquerque we were treated to a long distance balloon show. Though we didn’t get to see a launch on the day we attended the Balloon Fiesta, we did see this small one the day we were leaving.  I grabbed my camera and took some photos from the truck.  It was great to get a taste of it!


We stopped at this interesting rest stop on our way further south into New Mexico. I have never seen one like this in our travels.


And though the area looked a little more like a desert, there were still mountains in the distance.


This was an interesting and sobering stop. A marker for the place where they detonated the world’s first atomic bomb.


A little further down the road we came across a carload of young guys that had run out of gas. Les, being the wonderful guy that he is, siphoned some out of our bike.  Unfortunately he also got a mouthful and he suffered for it the rest of the day.  They were thrilled with the rescue though!

We stopped for lunch at this vast solidified lava field, the Carrizozo Malpais. It stretched for miles.


And I have to sneak in a cactus shot because of course they are everywhere in the southern USA.


Our next home away from home was in Alamagordo, New Mexico. I hadn’t heard much about this area except for nearby Roswell.  We arrived later in the day and decided to head over to White Sands National Monument.


Wow! It is vast and unexpected and stunning!  I went a little crazy with my camera here as well.


Can you see the little footprints?


The sand is made of gypsum and is cool even on hot days.


There are areas where you are not allowed to stop and areas where you can get out and climb the dunes. You can even purchase a plastic disk to sit on and slide down a hill if you so desire!



This is one of my favorite photos of the trip. I love everything about it!


After we left White Sands we drove down the road and came across this missile monument. I had no idea that they were so huge!  And as this area has a lot of military activity it was an appropriate place to display one.


I’m sorry for all the photos in this post. It always amazes me how much we get done in a day when we are on vacation!