USA Days 11, 12 and 13

Today I am going to combine 3 days of travel into one post.  And the photos will be a combination if my DSLR camera and my iphone.


Day 11 was a day on the bike.  We decided to head east to Roswell and see what this center for alien activity had to offer.  As we crossed the mountain range it started to rain.  But I must say that precipitation in southern New Mexico is much more comfortable than southern Wyoming.


This area was full of “Billy the Kid” history.  I wish we would have had more time to check some of it out in more detail.


We stopped for lunch at a rest stop which was right beside a decommissioned missile silo.  That’s not something you do everyday!  It is the teeny tiny thing in the distance.


I was surprised that there wasn’t more alien paraphernalia in Roswell but there was a Starbucks that we cooled down in.  We drove back mid-afternoon and were treated to some great setting sun light.


The next day we did something we have never done before.  We each did our own thing!  I was tired from our hectic travel schedule and really wanted a day of laziness and antiquing.  Les was happy to hop on the bike and take a solo trip into Texas.  We both really enjoyed the alone time and I think we will probably do that again on future longer trips.

I spent some time in this pool.  A short amount of time actually.  I was determined that I was going to swim in an outdoor pool if I could find one.  Well, it was outdoor but I don’t think it was heated.  It was chilly!


Les got home just before supper and he took me back down the road to a beautiful ravine just outside of town.  The setting sun lit it up beautifully.


We went to Sonic for supper that evening.  It was yummy and fun and probably a week’s worth of calories!


Day 13 was a travel day up to Durango in southern Colorado.  Again, I have to say how gorgeous New Mexico is!  Someday we will go back, I’m sure.





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