Will They Survive?

I planted some hen and chicks plants in an old coffee pot in our garden a couple of years ago.  They loved it there and even wintered in that pot.  This year I decided to bring them inside but the coffee pot wasn’t quite the look I wanted.


A few months ago I acquired this ironstone gravy boat online.  If I remember right it is from around the turn of the century.  I bought it to use as a décor or photography piece rather than a serving piece.  The finish is really nicely aged without any chips or cracks.



Well, I decided I would try potting the plant in this gravy boat.  Hen and chicks usually doesn’t need much room.  I started by lining the gravy boat with plastic wrap.  I really don’t want to mess up the gravy boat with stains so I hope this works.



I tried my best to move the plants as gently as possible but I don’t think they are very happy right now and you can see that I kept losing leaves.  I’m hoping that they will adapt to their new home.  I will let you know what the outcome is!


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