DIY Photo Canvas

I have a fun project to share with you over the next couple of days.  It is like making your own art out of photos that have special meaning to you.

I found the idea in this book – A Beautiful Mess.  It has all sorts of fun photography ideas.  I read it last summer with great intentions to do a few of the prompts and projects and well…here I am, many months later and finally doing one of them.


You can see what supplies I used.  A brush, a cheap canvas, a paper copy of a photo I took in Arizona, a surface that can get a little messy, a jar of Liquitex matte gel medium and a spray bottle (not shown).  The book said to use gloss gel but I am more of a matte kind of girl.

About the photo – the print will be a mirror image so if you want to have it exactly like your original photo you should flip the image before you print it out on paper.

Cover your canvas with the gel medium and place your photo on it, face down.  Gently work out any air bubbles and then let dry.  I left mine overnight.  (You can see that I wasn’t careful enough with the medium on the edge.  I would be more careful of that next time I do this project.)


Spray the surface lightly with water and start rubbing away the paper.  I used my fingers and an old toothbrush.  I found that the paper came off in layers so it took a couple of rounds of this stage.



And voila… to be continued next time!  J

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