More Silver

This week has been frustrating as we wait for a surgery date for Les’ shoulder.  If anyone knows of a place locally that is private, we would love to hear about it.  The lead we had seems to be fizzling.

So, all I have for you today is some shots of pretty silver 🙂

It looks to me like most of the silver plate has worn off of this spoon but it is still so beautiful.  The detail is perfection and it is a great size for a big heaping spoon full of mashed potatoes.




This ladle is also so intricately made.  It works great in a gravy bowl.



And this spoon drew me because of the “H” engraved on the end.  How appropriate!


Pray for Les if you will as we wait for the date.  Lack of sleep and constant pain, even with meds, is hard to endure.  Thanks friends.

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