A Stepstool and a Book

Winter is always a good time to get inside projects taken care of.  I have been eyeing this stool for some time, thinking it would be a perfect candidate for a slipcover.


We have squished this chair into a corner in the living room to make room for a recliner for Les.  He is having a difficult time sleeping because of the pain in his shoulder, and the recliner helps to keep the rest of his body comfortable.


You can see that the fabric on the stool doesn’t match the fabric on the oversized chair but it is pretty close.  But I think I am ready to do something else.  Of course, my mind goes to a lighter colour but we shall see when I get to a fabric store.  It will have to be durable as well as washable.


I also wanted to share a book that I recently finished reading.  The title is Land of Enchantment.  It is the memoirs of Marian Russell, a woman who crossed the Sante Fe trail several times as a young girl in the 1800’s.  Because of our holiday in New Mexico last year, this book had more meaning to me than it would have otherwise.  She reminisced in the book about many of the places we stopped at.  When we stopped at Fort Union, we read about her so I purchased the book at the fort gift shop.  I didn’t read it until now and I enjoyed it so much.  How different our lives are in this world.  Despite the rigors and dangers of the trail, some of her best memories were of that time in her life.  If you like history, it is a really great read.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather.  It’s hard not to believe spring is around the corner!

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