A Lesson from My Favorite Bird

I am not a bird expert.  I haven’t spent a whole lot of time even watching birds.  But I love chickadees.


When I was younger, my favorite bird was the eagle.  They were powerful, majestic, they got things done.  The older I got, though, the more my admiration was transferred to the chickadee.  Those little guys are tough.  Their bodies look like they should be so frail yet they survive in inhospitable climates.  Somehow, they manage to find what they need to eat, even when it is covered in snow.  And they sound so chipper and happy despite everything that winter throws at them.


Oh, to be like the chickadee when tough times come.  When finding relief isn’t easy.  And may the blessings in our lives put a smile on our face despite the difficult circumstances that we sometimes find ourselves in.

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