Slipcover #2

Last year, I made my first slipcover to cover a chair from my mom.  You may remember it.


This year, I tackled a much easier project.  I made a slipcover for this little footstool.


I purchased some white denim and washed and dried it in the dryer to be sure it was washable in the future.  Then I cut a rectangle that would reach over the stool on all sides.  Laying the fabric wrong side up and using pins I fitted it to the stool.


After sewing the corners, I turned it inside out and slipped it on top of the stool to make sure it fit well.  Because the corners slope more than the sides, I had to trim a bit of length on the corners.


Then I cut a strip 4 inches wide to make a band around the bottom.  I put a little pleat on all 4 sides to add interest and hemmed the bottom edge.  I also used the rest of the lace I used on my shelf cover project to dress it up a little.


After sewing it together, I gave it a good pressing.  I really like how it turned out!


I think it is the perfect length as it still shows a bit of the curvy leg.


The starkness of the white still bugs me a bit so I am considering tea dying it.  The lace and fabric are cotton so they should take another colour well.  Do any of you have any experience with tea dying?  Am I crazy to consider it?


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