Building Blocks

Remember the 90’s country style?  When everything was blue, green and burgundy?  I made this quilt in that time period.


And I painted these blocks then.


A friend of mine had some of the old school kid’s blocks in her kitchen and I really liked the look of it.  So I made my own set in blue, green and burgandy.  I didn’t paint all of the letters in the alphabet on them though.  I painted letters that would make up the words that I wanted – WELCOME, BIRTHDAY, THANKS etc.


Well, it is time to change the colour.  As you know, much of my house is moving towards light and bright.  So these are getting the same treatment.


I will probably distress them a bit.  Of course.  But I think the letters will stay the same.  I like being able to change them with the seasons.   Any other ideas out there?

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