Alphabet Blocks

I have been working on a few projects around home the last week or so trying to get some things done before Les’ surgery on Thursday.  Also, winter is a great time to check things off the list!

I painted the blocks – you guessed it – milk jug white.  Partially because I have it on hand and partially because I just love that colour!  I distressed them with a palm sander.  There isn’t a lot of control on something small like these blocks but it is quick and easy.


My daughter was going to throw out the cutting board that I have as my work surface.  Can you believe it?  It is working great as a craft surface.  I used it to hammer the grommets on when I was making my shelf curtains.  It works great and if I get a paint build up I can easily sand it off!


I have an alphabet stencil that I used on the blocks the first time around and I decided I would do the same thing this time.  I used the same letters that I had on the blocks previously.


I completed them with a coat of wax which, when buffed, gives them a nice smooth finish.  I think they turned out really well and if grandsons knock them around it won’t matter one bit.


So I am hoping to keep blogging through Les’ recovery but if you don’t hear from me for a bit it will be because I am busy nursing him back to health.  Stay tuned!

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