We Are Alive!

Well, we have had quite the ride since I last posted.  Les had his surgery on Thursday February 12 and it went well.  And then I promptly got the flu Thursday evening.  For a few hours I was no help to him at all.  It was terrible.

Then his pain got so bad in the middle of the night that our son had to take him to emergency in the morning to get something stronger than what he had been given.

We thought on Saturday that we were in the clear but by Saturday night the flu hit Les.  Shoulder surgery and the flu are not a good combination.  I was wondering if the shaking from chills was going to do damage to the surgery.  Crazy.

Last night was a much better night.  We both slept better and his pain was down quite a bit.  We are starting to get into a system with his care and we both are starting to eat meals, although small ones.

Thank you to all of you who prayed and encouraged us over the last few days.  It has been a blessing to us both.  Thanks to our kids who ran errands and checked in with us regularly.  I hope we didn’t pass on the germs!  What would we do without the support of each other?  And I can’t wait for some of this to happen:


Think it may be time for a nap!

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