A Pompom Garland

I had a bit of time this week and I thought I would use up some of the yarn I had left over from the pompom wreath I made for Christmas.  I’ve seen the garlands on Instagram and thought it would make a nice accompaniment for the wreath.


I whipped up nine pompoms – 5 of one kind of yarn and 4 of another.


I left a long length of yarn on each pompom because I wasn’t sure initially how I was going to attach them to the rope.


I used a large crochet hook and made a rope of both types of yarn crocheted together.  I decided to keep it simple and attached the pompoms to the rope by just tying them on.


I think it works well with the wreath (though I still like the wreath better).  I need to take the hearts off the wreath now and I think the burlap flower can go for now as well.


And my thoughts are starting to turn to how I can make it look appropriate for Easter!


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