The Love of Reading

I love to read.  It started when I was a girl and I don’t think I have had a time when I wasn’t reading something since.


One of my first memories of being enthralled with a book was reading a Nancy Drew book sprawled on my folk’s couch.  Funny the things that stick with you.

Nowadays, I read my Bible, décor magazines, novels and non-fiction.  And I read in a variety of formats – from actual books and magazines, to a Kindle, to an ipad and on my phone.  I think my favorite method is still an actual paper book.  I like to be able to easily flip around if I forget something.  But a Kindle does save physical space and is great when travelling.

I read the books I love over and over.  To me it is worth the investment to buy a book that I love, in whatever format, because I know I will read it again.

So I am interested to know how others enjoy reading.  Is it electronic for you or do you like the feel of a book in your hands?  Or is it some of both?

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