Cavallini Papers

Have you ever heard of Cavallini Papers?  I hadn’t until I saw a photo on Instagram.


I’m a fan of vintage botanical prints, maps, advertising etc. and this company fits right into that vintage category.  My understanding is that they make reproductions but however they find their material I am a fan.


I found them on ebay and they were inexpensive enough that I treated myself to a couple of them.  I am a fan of mushrooms and remember gathering them on the farm as a kid and my mom frying up a pan full of them.  And it looks like a botanical print!


The Bees and Honey print is the perfect colour for my kitchen or maybe our new sun porch.  Plus it has the look of an old newspaper advertisement.


Right now I stuck the mushroom print on the wall with poster tack but I am thinking it might look cool using a giant clip of some sort so that I can switch them out easily.


They do eye charts, a poster that looks like cursive on a blackboard… all sorts of different things.  If you are looking for some inexpensive larger scale art, you should check them out.