Let It Rain!

Wasn’t the weather yesterday amazing?  We sat out in the sun on our south facing deck yesterday and cooked!  It felt like the beach!


The opposite of sunshine is on my mantel right now.  My daughter sent me this quote a few weeks ago and I loved it.


Let it rain…  Such a hard thing to do.  But the older I get the more I think we need to quit fighting the things we can’t change and accept the lesson.  Learn what He wants us to learn and leave the rest in His hands.  I struggle with this, which is weird because we all have been dealing with tough stuff for most of our lives and know that sometimes we just have to ride it out.

I also displayed some ironstones and antique spools on the mantel this time around.


And some yellow silk flowers from my daughter’s wedding.  I like fresh flowers but you use what you have right?


And I’m liking these pheasant feathers.


I am so looking forward to the amazing temperatures we are going to have this week!  Bring it on!

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