Hang Your Artwork Easily!

Some time ago I saw a tip online for hanging artwork and I decided to give it a try and see if it works.  My sister gave me one of her pencil drawings of a chickadee.  I was thrilled because, as you know, chickadees are my favorite bird.


I wanted to add it to my gallery wall, which contains a fair amount of chickadee artwork.  The great thing about putting together a wall like this is that it is fairly easy to add to it and still have it look like it was planned from the start.


So what is the tip?  I cut a thin piece of wood to 18” long.  Actually, Les was around so he cut it but I told him how long I wanted it J.  Then, I screwed in a 1” screw.  I didn’t screw it in all of the way.  I left enough out so that I could hang the picture from it.


I held it up to the wall, with the picture hanging on it and moved it around until I was happy with the placement.  Then I lightly pushed against the picture so that the screw on the board made a mark in the wall.


It was easy then to hammer the nail into the puncture mark.  Perfect placement and no measuring tape involved!  I know the picture looks a little crooked in the photo but that is because of the angle of my camera.


My only peeve with this method is that you need a shorter board if you get near the ceiling.  Otherwise, it worked really well and I will definitely use it again!

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2 thoughts on “Hang Your Artwork Easily!

  1. Eileen Hopkins

    Great idea and lovely arrangement! I made one a few years ago using a paint stirrer from Home depot. Worked and was at my level of expertise requiring no saw! Love your blog!