Stocking Stretchers

Well, my usual schedule for posting to my blog got a little sidetracked this week.  My mom got a concussion yesterday and I have been helping her out a bit.  She is doing well (Praise God!) and should recover fully.

Now on to my post.

I purchased this stocking stretcher from Log Cabin Collectibles a few days ago.  I want to use it to try out some chalk paint but I also wanted to know what a stocking stretcher actually is for.


I did a little online research and I guess people used to use them to shape their stockings after they were laundered.  The holes that are found in the one I have allowed the air to circulate so that the stocking dried quicker.  In the mid 20th century they became known as sock stretchers.  Ladies, aren’t you glad you don’t have to do that every time you launder your socks!


I believe Judy at Log Cabin Collectibles has a few of these for sale.  I think they would look great at Christmas with some greenery and a big bow on top.  Maybe used instead of a wreath.  Hmmm.  I might have to give her a another call. 🙂