House Progress

We have had some progress on our sunroom over the last couple of weeks.  Yay!  With some help from one of our employees, Les was able to put up some of the paneling inside.  I am planning on painting it.  Most people I have told that to are aghast at the thought.


Our son has been helping us on the outside of the sunroom.  We started with Fusion Stone on the east side and wrapped it around the corners a few feet.  I was going to cheap out and suggested that we just do the corners but Les wanted to do the whole front.  He was right…again.


On Saturday, they put up some of the siding.  It is a KWP engineered siding.  I am loving the colour and the look of it!  It goes really well with the stone product and the black trims.  The siding will go all around the house eventually.


I didn’t have any expectations that much would get accomplished on the house when Les hurt his shoulder.  So every time something happens, it is a happy bonus!

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4 thoughts on “House Progress

    1. the general store Post author

      It is a beautiful product! I will get some better photos later this spring and send them in.