A Bag Repurposed

You know those shopping bags you get from little boutiques?  The paper ones that seem like they are just too nice to throw out?  Like this one:


I have such a hard time throwing away paper bags like this.  So, since I had a shower to attend on Sunday, I decided I would repurpose this bag.  I gathered scrapbooking paper that I had left over from other projects.


Then I cut it and glued it in place.  I didn’t really measure anything.  I was just looking for a more handmade look.


I rummaged through my collection of cheap rubber stamps that I have collected over the years and added that to the mix.


One stamp seemed a little forlorn so I added a couple more as well as hot gluing on a button.


I also reused some tissue paper and made a quick little card.  I really like the way it turned out and would definitely do this again.  With paper bags I mean.  Not the yellow plastic Home Hardware bags we use at our business.  🙂


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