Canada Day is Coming!

Every year we host a Canada Day celebration for our family and staff.  We eat and laugh and play and end the evening with a multitude of fireworks.  This year I want to dress up our home for the party so I purchased a solar Canada Day lantern from our store and made a pennant to hang over our deck.


I chose fabric in yellow (the colours of our deck decor) and red (for Canada of course!).   I cut out triangles in fabric that was folded in half with the right sides together.  They are 6 inches at the widest point and 8 inches long.  When they are opened up they look like narrow diamonds.


I then folded them over a length of twine (wrong sides together) and ran stitching down both edges.  If they fray a bit over time I think it will add to the look.  After playing around with the spacing I decided to keep them tight together.


And voila!  A pennant to add to the festive atmosphere.  I think this would be a fun idea for a baby shower or wedding shower too!


I hung it on our deck fence for now but hope to scale a ladder to hang it higher for Canada Day.  We will see if I get up the courage or have to find a place a little closer to the ground.



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