The Reno Continues

Changes are slowly but surely happening on our reno.  The siding is going up and it is looking fantastic!  I am crazy about the colour we chose.  I think it looks really great in our semi-rural setting.


We had a black downspout right beside our entrance door.  It looked out of place and distracting.  So we are trying out a new option.


I brought a couple of these rain catchers into the General Store and one sold quickly.  I tucked the other one away because I knew I wanted one for myself.  As you can see, it is too short but I am going to try and bring in more.  We will add to this one so that it reaches the ground.  We plan on burying a pipe to catch the water at that point.  I think it looks much better than a downspout.


We are also doing some siding on the garage.


Inside, Les put up more pine on another wall.  He probably shouldn’t have done it as his shoulder suffered for it.  I have yet to find a supporter for painting it.  Besides Les that is.  He tells me to do what I want.  What a great guy!


So, all in all, more is happening than I thought would happen while Les has been recovering.  I’m loving it!

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