Three For One

You know those fresh flower bouquets you can pick up at the grocery store?  In our small town, they cost around $7 and have a variety of different flowers in them.  Usually a few carnations.  And usually a variety of colours.  Sometimes, I don’t quite understand the colour combo.

I received a bouquet as a hostess gift a few weeks ago (gotta love that!) and though each type of flower individually was lovely, I wasn’t crazy about them together.  In the past, I would shove them all into one vase.  But this time I decided to change it up.


I divided the bouquet up and popped the different flowers into little ironstone pitchers.


There were little spots of sunshine throughout my dining room and living room.  Yay!


I know this seems like something inconsequential, but to me, it added a little something special to my home.  And that is always a good thing!

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2 thoughts on “Three For One

  1. Eileen Hopkins

    I do this quite often – mostly because I can never make the bouquet look great when it is all together. Simple works better for me! Very nice choice of “vases”!!!

    1. the general store Post author

      I’m not great at flower arranging either! You are right! Simple is better.