Two More for the Collection

I have added two more succulents to my collection.  They all seem to be thriving in my sunroom window.  They are getting plenty of light and I have been tough with myself and have let the soil dry out before watering.

This one is Echeveria Albicans.  He is quite a bit more green than the Echeveria Metalica that I first purchased.


The second one didn’t have a name tag.  It kind of looks like burro’s tail and kind of like a different form of an aloe plant.  I will have to do more investigating.


It has some tiny little pink flowers blooming at the moment.


I think it is time to start trying to propagate some of my own so that I can create some of the stunning succulent gardens that you can find on Pinterest without spending an arm and a leg.  It will be a slow process to begin with so look for it sometime next year!  🙂

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