A Crate from a Drawer

I picked up a couple of drawers when I dug around in the sheds at my daughter’s new place.  One of them was the perfect size to fix up to look like an old crate.


It had a bit of old chippy paint on it which looked interesting but was in bad enough shape that I thought it would continue to peel off and make a mess.  So I got out my palm sander and quickly removed it.  (Remember to do this safely with a mask!)


I sanded the whole drawer to remove any rough edges or surfaces.  A couple of nails had to be hammered back in as well.  The inside had what looked like a grease stain on it.  So I decided to paint the inside.


First I had to seal the stain with a stain blocking primer.  I sprayed it with Home Hardware’s Beautitone Stopz.


Now for the fun stuff!


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