The General Store Crate

I ended my last post with the surface of the drawer sanded and primed and ready to go.  I wanted to stencil the outside to look like a crate and decided that the words “The General Store” were appropriate.  Using the Cricut machine, I cut out the letters that I needed.  Because I was only going to use them one time, cardstock worked just fine.



I used black paint to for the lettering.


On the inside of the crate I used a silk finish acrylic paint.  Home Hardware’s of course.  It will be easy to clean and it looks fresh.


I scuffed up the lettering and then put a coat of tung oil on the outside of the crate.  It brought out the richness of the wood and will give it some protection.  If I would use it outside, I would probably give it a couple of coats and would reapply every year.


So this is the finished product.  I’m thinking it will probably end up at the cabin but I haven’t decided for sure yet.



My sister made the little folk art birdhouse for me as a gift.  She comes up with the cutest designs!

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