A Coffee Alternative

Almost every morning I look forward to a cinnamon dolce latte. Or at least my version of one. And by mid afternoon, I am wishing that I could have another one. I’m sure that they are loaded with calories so I have been searching for other ideas. I like the idea of a “treat” so I don’t want it to be just plain water or something like that.


My first attempt was soaking a few bags of licorice tea overnight. The next day I mixed it half and half with milk and heated it in the microwave and then I frothed it so that it looked like a latte. To me, licorice tea has a sweet taste to it so I don’t need to add any sugar.


I think I will do it again. It’s not as yummy as my espresso latte but it will work as a treat.


The next concoction was made from passion tea. Again, I soaked it overnight but this time I just drank it cold.


It was yummy and for sure I will make it again.

How about you? Do you have any low calorie drinks that you enjoy?

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