An Alberta Getaway Part One

A few months ago, a photography buddy and I decided we needed to go on an overnight trip somewhere with the sole purpose of immersing ourselves in our craft. We booked a hotel in Drumheller and by 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning I was on my way to pick her up. We decided to travel to Three Hills and then head south, stopping wherever we wanted to.


The countryside in this part of Alberta is truly beautiful. And we ended up with wonderful weather. A perfect combination for our journey.


For some reason, posts were of interest to me this time around.



And old churches. We stopped at several, including Orkney Presbyterian Church.


Close to the Bleriot Ferry, we stopped to photograph our first look at the interesting landscape around Drumheller. It reminds me of places in Arizona and New Mexico.


The shadows of the grasses here caught my eye as did the cracked and barren dirt.



And, of course, another post.


On the hillside we spotted the beginnings of some hoodoos. They are formed when a more durable rock cap protects the softer material underneath. I just learned that on this trip.


Next, the Bleriot Ferry.

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