Bahamas Love

One of our favorite places to vacation is Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort on Long Island in the Bahamas.  It has been several years since we have been there but we have great memories of our vacations on those white sandy beaches and the friendly staff who look after each guest as if we were the best of friends.


The white tropical styled bungalows have screened porches each with an unparalleled view of that blue Caribbean water.


We have snorkeled, swam, fished and visited outlying keys where lizards roam.  We have rented a vehicle, hired a tour guide, bicycled and rented scooters to travel the island.  We have eaten meal after delicious meal of both American and Bahamian food.


But the best pastime is sitting on the beach snuggled up with my sweetie and watching the sun go down!  Perfection!


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