The Farm Chicks Show

I don’t know about you but I am ready to take a break from the photos from my Alberta Getaway.  I still have our time in Rawley to show you but I am going to post about those at a later date.

On June 4, Les and I headed down to Spokane for a little holiday.  We chose Spokane because the Farm Chicks Show was that weekend and I have wanted to go for several years.  Two days of vintage goodness.  It was better than I expected.  It’s not often a person can say that about an event you have never been to but it truly was.   Booth after booth of vintage and antique items.  Metal, wood, dishware, textiles and on and on.  If I ever get the chance, I would go back in a heartbeat.  It is always the first weekend of June and the location is very easy to find.

So what did I purchase you might ask?  Well let me show you!


Of course, I was after some ironstone.  I purchased 2 tureens.  The first was quite simple which I love.


The second was more ornate.  Both were in great condition.


I looked for ironstone with some green on it but it is very hard to find.  I did find this platter which, though not in great condition, was good enough for me.


I also picked up a couple of ironstone butter pats.  They were in good shape and will go nicely with the ones I already have.


I also picked up some german glass glitter.  It is supposed to tarnish over time which should make for a vintage effect.  I have been looking at it online but with shipping I could never justify it.  I’m pretty sure it will be used this Christmas!  I have a few flower frogs now and decided to add this green one to the mix.


This little wood box was really cheap and I plan on painting it.  It is pretty marked up right now but a coat of paint will freshen it up.  I like this kind of box to corral remotes etc.


Though I didn’t get it at the show, I did bring home this bottle of water.  I suppose we will eventually drink it but I loved the label so the bottle will probably become a prop.



The Canadian dollar compared to the American wasn’t great but I kept that in mind while I was shopping.  Everything I purchased was a good price even taking that into account.  Even walking around the show and seeing how the booths were styled was inspiring.  I have some ideas for the future for both our home and the gift area of our store.  Now to find the time to do them!

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