Plants in Pots

Wow, we have been busy the last few days.  Over the last weekend we hosted guests, participated in our local rodeo and parade, went to a wedding and hosted a Father’s Day brunch.  So crazy but so wonderful at the same time!

A month ago – yes that’s right, a month ago – I took some photos of some pots I had planted for the summer.  I didn’t get a chance to share them so I thought I would today.  They haven’t changed a lot since these photos were taken.  I expect they will take off soon.  I hope.

Do you remember my ladder from last year?  I am using it this year again.  Please excuse the background as we haven’t been able to get back to finishing the siding yet.  At the base of the ladder is my hydrangea plant from last year.  It is coming but slowly.


I found an old kettle and planted basil in it.  I love the idea of using fresh herbs but I forget that I have them.  Anyone have any easy recipes?


I planted thyme in the pot my mom gave me last year.  I love the scent of the herbs even if I don’t get around to using them.


I have planted two varieties of pumpkins in pots this year.  They have come up since this photo was taken.  One of them is for making pies and the other is little ornamental pumpkins for decorating in the fall.


I bring my ivy outside for the summer.  It looks nice and healthy here but has suffered some since then.  I hope it will recover.


I planted a few terracotta pots as well.  I painted both of these years ago and the paint is wearing off in a wonderful way.



On either side of my entrance door I have urns with dahlia and lobelia.  They look kind of tiny in there so I am hoping that they will fill out and up a bit.


I also found an old stock pot this year and I used it as a planter.  We haven’t decided yet what we are going to do in front of the house so for now it is gravel.


Don’t you just love dahlias?


This hanging basket was a gift from a good friend.


I love having annuals in the summer.  How about you?

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