On the Road to Rowley

Painting, painting, painting.  That is what I have been and will be doing this week at my daughter’s new house.  I really enjoy seeing the transformation but it doesn’t give me a lot of time to complete projects here at home.  So I am taking you back to my Drumheller trip.  Yes, there are still a few more photos to share.

On the way to Rowley we made a few stops.  Of course, one of them was a church.  Now I would like to be able to share the name of the town.  I know it starts with “M”.  But I can’t figure out which “M” town it is!  The church had been fairly well maintained but I don’t know if it was still in use.




Crabapples were in bloom at that time.


This would have been quite the first step if you made an exit out of this door!


I love chippy paint!


We also made a stop at a pond.  There are so many little ponds in this area of Alberta!


And at a granary.


The next stop was Rowley.  Oh Rowley.  You are amazing!


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