A Reno Update

We have been renovating our cabin and our home for quite some time now.  We work on it as we find the time.  Or rather, Les works on it as he finds the time, with help from our son.

I took a few photos with my phone to give you an idea of what has been happening.  The pine is pretty much all up in the sunroom.  We need to paint and put trims on as well as build the coat rack for the end wall.  Again, I am saying we but I really mean Les.  🙂


This pew is an old one from our church and I plan to paint it.  I’m kind of thinking of grey or a grey and white combination.  Having said that, I will probably paint it a totally different colour when the time comes.


The little cabinet I painted earlier is working well as a table between these two rocking chairs.  You may have noticed from the first photo that we have a recliner in the room.  We purchased it when Les had shoulder surgery and it is too comfy to abandon in the name of pretty.


The outside hasn’t changed much.  Except for some potted plants.


The back deck area is the same as well.  The foil insulation on the south side makes it quite uncomfortable on a hot day.



Les did a major pruning on our apple tree a few years ago and a couple of weeks ago he trimmed this stump so that I could put a pot on it.  Of course, it took me two weeks to notice!


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