Columbines and Tarnished Silver

I am a fan of tarnished silver.  I can’t afford sterling silver but silver plate works wonderfully well.


I have a few pieces that make wonderful props and vases for flowers.  And if they darken a bit from the water it doesn’t matter!


My relationship with columbines is less happy.  Growing up I wasn’t a fan.  Then when I had my own garden, they became more attractive.  The only problem is that they seed themselves like crazy.  So when I downsized my flower bed I got rid of all of them.  Or so I thought.  They have sprouted up in the new bed and I haven’t had the heart to rip them out.  I keep telling myself that I will after they flower but then I get soft.


Of course I have to pop in a photo of a dahlia.


The little Volkswagen print is from  It was a freebie back in June but can be purchased from Society 6 now if desired.  It feels like summer to me.


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