Peonies Finally!

We were invited to a wedding in Salmon Arm over the weekend and I kept an eye on my peonies hoping they would bloom a week or two ahead of our departure or wait until we returned.  The day we headed out I woke up to the first buds opening.



Being the peony fanatic that I am, I cut a few and took them with us.  They didn’t like the heat in Salmon Arm but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

Of course I was eager to check them out when we returned yesterday.  And I was not disappointed.


I have several plants with these bright pink blooms but only one with the pale variety.


And I must admit that I love the pale pink best.


I snipped off a few of the flowers to enjoy in the house.




Part of me wishes I had an abundance of plants but the other part of me knows that I wouldn’t be able to properly care for them.  I’ve tried that before.  So I will enjoy the ones I have and look forward to next year’s blooms.


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