Raspberry Jam

Before we left for BC, I decided to bring home raspberries.  I love them fresh and I love them in freezer raspberry jam.  My mom used to make this kind of jam when I was a kid and I have continued the tradition off and on over the years.  The last jar of jam was taken out of the freezer awhile ago so it was time to stock up.  And, it seemed appropriate to bring the berries back right from the source.  We purchased a flat of 12 baskets and we had plenty for approximately 30 small jars with leftovers for eating.  I use the recipe found in the Certo pectin package.

The process is very simple.  Wash the berries.


Crush the berries.


And sugar to the berries and let them sit for 10 minutes.



And the Certo pectin and lemon juice and stir for 3 minutes.  Scoop all the yummyness into the jars (which only have to be clean, not sterilized) and screw on the lid.  Let them sit for 24 hours before you place them in the freezer.


That’s it!  Try it on bagels or toast or like my grandsons, eaten with a spoon!

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