Succulent Propagation

I have gradually been increasing my succulent family over the last few months. Mostly it has been by purchasing new plants. But I have also tried my hand at propagating little baby succulents.

I pulled a few leaves off of a couple of the plants. Out of the 3 leaves, only one of them produced a little plant. There is a bit of a process involved, so when I have a bit more time I would like to try again.



The burro’s tail produces its own young ones without any help from me. I have potted a few now and hope they will grow and mature.


This Echeveria is growing a new shoot as well. I will pop it off and repot it soon.


I would like to eventually have enough of them to make a succulent wreath or a big pan full. I love that look! The window seat in our sunroom is quickly filling up with plants. I think Les has become resigned to it…

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