Wood Box Makeover

One of the “treasures” that I brought back from the Farm Chicks show in Spokane was this little wood box. If I remember right it was $8 USD. The bottom of it had some red blobs on the inside and the varnish was peeling a bit but the box itself was in great shape.


It even had the signature of the maker on the bottom. I decided to paint it but I kept the bottom unfinished to preserve his name.


I tried to scrape and sand the red stuff off but it was super hard and refused to be removed. I figured black paint could cover it up and when it was in use it wouldn’t be seen anyway. I used Home Hardware’s Designer Series paint. It easily covered in a couple of coats.


I distressed it by sanding and then put a coat of wax on. And this is the finished product.


It is perfect to store my Bakelite cutlery.


I popped some lady’s mantle in a white enamel pitcher to style the photo. The pitcher is from Ikea. I wanted something pretty to leave out to water my plants and this fit the bill. It will assume that role once these flowers are done.


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