White Wicker

Spray paint is a wonderful thing! We had a couple of wicker chairs that we felt like throwing in a garbage bin. They looked terrible after many years of being out during the warmer months of the year. Though they were in a covered deck area, the finish quickly deteriorated.


I decided to try spray painting them because I had nothing to lose.


After 2 coats they looked good enough for our Canada Day celebration.


I added another coat a few days ago and I am content and pleased with the results. Please excuse the red garden hose on the lawn that I didn’t notice when I took this photo!


I should mention that I did pressure wash them before I painted. Paint won’t remain on dirt so it was an important step.


I’m looking forward to using them for a few more years!



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2 thoughts on “White Wicker

  1. Pat Holmes

    Great job on the chairs. I love the kettle with the plant in it, maybe my time with Isabelle has developed my imagination a bit more but the plant looks like hair, the rivets like eyes and the spout a nose. lol

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