The Finished Pew?

Painting a pew entirely is a big job. Especially the racks on the back. So I followed some advice and decided to paint just the seating area. And I really like the way it turned out!


I used two coats of Home Hardware Designer Series paint in suede. It has paint and primer together so I could skip the priming step. The only concern with this product in this application is the tannin found in wood. Sometimes it can seep through paint if you don’t use a primer formulated to seal it in. So far so good though.


The colour I used was called “Ageless”. Gotta love that! The pillows in these shots are actually for my lounge chairs outside. I’m not sure that I will put any pillows on the pew because the seat really isn’t deep enough for them to be practical. I could see sewing a seat cushion in the future if I found the right fabric for the right price.


I am also thinking of stenciling a design on the back. I picked up this stencil a few days ago. I think I would look interesting on the back, perhaps in the center with smaller parts of the design going out to the edges. Still need to think a bit about that.


We have sunshine in my area today. And I am trying to decide on the next project to check off the list. How about you?

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