A Mirror Redone

I have had this little mirror for many years. Ikea used to sell them so you have probably seen them around. I added the little wooden appliqué when I painted it the first time around.


I originally painted it with an ivory coloured paint and then stained the top of it and I decided that I wanted it to be brighter, like so many other things in my home.


I started by lightly sanding it and then putting on a coat of primer. I normally would have used a paint that has a primer built right in but I was painting something for my son with a plain white paint so I decided to use the same paint for the mirror.


Then I added a coat of paint. Paint sloppiness on a mirror is usually pretty easy to clean up with a razor blade.


As much as I like white paint, I wanted to tone it down a bit and age it.


I sanded some of the edges and then used stain on a rag and rubbed it in.


I used another layer of the stain on some of the edges to just give more age to them.


I think I will hang it by the door in the sunroom as a place to do a quick hair check before I head out the door.



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