A Little Autumn Flavour

Brrrr. It is a cold one today. Summer is definitely over and fall has arrived. To celebrate I have put out a little autumn décor.

The crates that I found in the spring are currently being used as shelving. We have used them for shoes but I kind of like them this way.


My glass pumpkins and gourds are on the table again. I placed them on a quilted chickadee wall hanging that I made quite a few years ago. It has been packed away for a bit but the colours look great for fall so I dug it out again.


I stuck a few fall flowers in an arrangement that I already had.


And put a few faux gourds and veggies on a cake stand.


And to top it off, I purchased some sunflowers at the Bowden Sun Maze last week and they are brightening up another corner of the room.


I love fall!