A Quilt of Scraps

I have quite a few fabric scraps that I didn’t want to throw out. So the other day I decided to divide them up into colour groups and make a quilt out of one of the groups.

This is the pile I chose. I have used that striped fabric on a small curtain in our house and decided that a quilt made of fabrics that coordinate with it would fit in nicely.


I started out by cutting strips 3” wide and then sewed them all together into one long strip.



I then cut it into lengths and sewed them to the batting in rows. This was a mistake. I should have cut them exactly to size because this side of the quilt got a little skewed. For the back I attached them on a diagonal so they didn’t have to line up perfectly.

This is where I am at. I need to do a border still. It certainly isn’t perfectly sewn as my machine is old and has a bit of a problem going through so many layers. But I think it will do just fine!


On another note, my life will be getting pretty busy over the next 3 months or so and I probably won’t be posting very regularly. Maybe once a week, maybe not even that. We shall see. I think that Facebook doesn’t show you my posts if I don’t do things regularly so make sure you check in once in awhile and see if there is something new! If you are interested that is 🙂

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