Idaho Part One

Do you remember when I told you about Spokane and the Farm Chicks Show? Back in June, I think it was. I don’t think I ever told you about the bike trips we made while we were there. We took the bike into Idaho for a couple of day trips. They were good rides but were smoking hot. In fact, between the two trips we had to have a day at the pool because of the heat.

The first trip was around Lake Couer d’Alene. We started the ride through shaded areas but as the day progressed we ended up being more out in the open. The scenery is spectacular around the lake and the surrounding communities.




The next trip started out as a quick trip to Wallace. We got sidetracked along the way. We saw signs for the Old Mission State Park and decided to stop.


It is a lovely location with a lot of history. We took in the video presentation to get an idea of what we were looking at. The Catholics had a mission in the area and had a great relationship with the Native population. They built a church and a house on the property and they have been restored to their former glory.







This stop made a trip quite a bit longer than we originally planned but it was well worth it.

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