A Christmas Garland

Life has been busy lately, but I see the end in sight!  We went on a 5½ week trip and then I went right into working at our store.  Sometimes that happens when we have changes in staffing and I fill in when I can.  So today I played for a bit.


We received some great rustic stars at the store and I couldn’t resist taking a few home to decorate in our sunporch.  We have some glittered twig and twine ones.  And some with birch bark on them.


I purchased these galvanized metal ones months ago from a craft store.


I simply tied them to some twine.


And then I tied the twine across the window.  Just in time for my first snowfall of the season!


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Garland

  1. Heidi

    When our move chaos started a year & a half ago I stopped reading all the blogs I had previously followed. Partly because I just didn’t have time or energy & partly because, in switching our email to gmail, I could no longer sign up for the RSS feeds.

    I just finished going back to the beginning of May (don’t ask why I picked that month…random) & catching up on your blog:). I love looking at your pictures, seeing your ideas & reading your thoughts!

    I want to make sure I keep up with your blog again & wondered if there’s a way to sign up for email posts? I can’t find it anywhere & thought maybe I was missing it:) Either way, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us:):)

    1. the general store Post author

      Hi Heidi! I don’t have that feature at this point. It could be something I look at in the future if I can get back on track with my blog. Thank you for your kind comments! If you like my blog facebook page you should be able to see when I update the blog along with a link to the page. Hopefully I will get back on track sometime soon!

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