I thought I would share with you some highlights from our fall trip to eastern Canada and the USA over the next while, interspersed with some other topics.  I could do each day but that would take forever!

For me, though there were some great days prior to this one, Parliament Hill in Ottawa was a huge highlight.  We started out on our bike on a morning that looked like this.


Nice eh?  Though there was some road construction it wasn’t difficult to find our destination.  Following some advice from some fellow campers, we parked in the parking garage of a nearby mall and walked the short distance to our distination.  The first major building we came upon was the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.  It was beautiful inside and out.



Then you walk over the Rideau Canal on a bridge.


We picked up the free tickets for a tour of the Parliament Buildings and then walked across the street to the War Memorial while we waited.  We were there when they changed the guard.


This memorial moved me to tears.


On our walk back to the Parliament Buildings we took in much of the statuary that is on the grounds.


We didn’t have to wait long for the tour to begin.  Funny thing – the English tickets were all gone so we went on the French tour.  We didn’t understand much of it but we had read a pamphlet ahead of time so at least we knew basically what we were looking at.  And because we didn’t have to pay as much attention to the guide, I enjoyed taking photographs much more.


We started on the side of the House of Commons.  Though it wasn’t in session, there were people working there so we weren’t allowed in.

IMG_0115water (2)

Our next stop was the Library of Parliament but first we had to walk under these amazing ceilings.


The Library is breathtaking.  So beautiful.



The ceilings everywhere we went were magnificent.


The Senate Chambers were ornate as well.  I’m pretty sure that all the carvings and stained glass throughout the building had meaning specific to Canada but we were not able to understand with the language barrier.


The next stop was to go up the Peace Tower.  From there you get a 360 degree view of Ottawa.  The windows were kind of dirty but I was able to take a few shots from there as well.


Then we stopped at the Memorial Chamber where the names of all the Canadian soldiers that died during the wars Canada participated in are recorded.  Book after book.


After the tour, we crossed the Ottawa River into Quebec and took a tour through the Gatineau Forest.  It was such a beautiful park area and I can’t imagine how glorious it would have been if the leaves had been in their full fall glory!


We drove through the countryside until we came to a ferry crossing to get back into Ontario near our campground.


I would heartily recommend taking in Parliament Hill if you are ever in the area.  Well done Canada.  Well done.


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