Quebec City

The next “big” stop that we made on our trip was Quebec City in Quebec.  We left the Ottawa area and drove through the horror that was the Montreal road system and arrived in Quebec City mid-afternoon.  I think driving through Montreal in a car would have been fine but towing a trailer made it a memorable experience.

The next day we took a double decker hop on/hop off English speaking bus tour of the city.  It centered mostly on historical sites but did venture into a museum and shopping area as well.  Because we don’t speak much French, it was definitely beneficial to have a guide that could provide some history of the area.  We also were able to take a shuttle into the city from our campground so we didn’t have to worry about finding parking.

The historic part of Quebec City is simply beautiful!  The architecture makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.



The dominating feature is the well known Chateau Frontenac.  It is huge and the architecture is beautiful.



We hopped off the bus for lunch in an area below the hotel.  It was a quaint part of town and we enjoyed our sidewalk café meal topped off with some delectable macaroons.


We then took the bus to the Plains of Abraham where we hopped off again.


We went through a museum about the battle that took place there and then walked over to the Citadel, a fortress in the walled part of the city.  There we took an English speaking tour as well.


The views from the Citadel over the city and the St. Lawrence River were magnificent.



I also have to share a couple of the murals we saw that day.


Crazy eh?


We ended the day with a dinner that included authentic poutine.

We found the tours and admissions to museums in Quebec City to be fairly pricey but, unless you speak French or have the time to read a guide book and wander on your own, it was probably the best way to take in the highlights in a day.

I am grateful that we had the chance to see this beautiful Canadian city.


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